Experience the Future of Pet Feeding with Golden Vision’s Intelligent Pet Feeder

Issuing time:2023-06-16 00:42


Taking care of our beloved pets is a top priority, and with the advancements intechnology, pet owners now have access to innovative solutions like intelligentpet feeders. In this article, we will explore the exceptional features of anintelligent pet feeder form Golden Vision, a technology company in Shenzhen,China that supports app-controlled feeding, remote monitoring, timed andquantitative feeding, and much more. With its advanced functionalities andconvenience, this intelligent pet feeder is a game-changer for pet owners.

Withthis product in your hand, just say goodbye to manual feeding routines. Withthe dedicated mobile app, you can control the feeding process remotely. Whetheryou're at work or traveling, you can ensure your pet receives their meals ontime, thanks to the app's automatic, timed, and quantitative feeding features.With Golden Vision’s pet food thrower, stay connected with your pet even whenyou're away. The intelligent pet feeder supports bidirectional voice intercom,allowing you to communicate with your pet through the built-in microphone andspeaker. Additionally, the video remote monitoring feature lets you see yourpet in real-time using the app's live video feed. Third, Rest assured knowingthat you can monitor your pet day and night. The intelligent pet feeder offersreal-time monitoring capabilities, including infrared sensors that enable clearvisibility even in low-light conditions. Keep an eye on your furry friend'sactivities and ensure their well-being at any time. And fever worry about poweroutages affecting your pet's feeding routine. This intelligent pet feedersupports dual power supply options. You can choose to connect it to a DC powersupply for continuous operation, or use dry batteries as a backup power source,ensuring uninterrupted feeding even during unexpected power disruptions. Youmay stay informed about your pet's food supply. The intelligent pet feederfeatures a food shortage alarm that sends mobile push notifications to yoursmartphone. Receive timely alerts when the food level is low, allowing you torefill it promptly and ensure your pet's meals are always taken care of.

All in all, with theremarkable features of this intelligent pet feeder, pet owners can experience anew level of convenience and peace of mind. From app-controlled feeding andremote monitoring to bidirectional voice intercom and real-time day and nightsurveillance, this device provides comprehensive functionality to cater to yourpet's needs. Embrace this innovative solution and ensure your pet receivesproper nutrition and care, even when you're not physically present

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