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Issuing time:2023-06-16 00:35

Guide: The era ofsmart charging has arrived, empowering us with convenience, control, andflexibility like never before. In this article, we delve into the remarkablefeatures of an intelligent remote universal charger that seamlessly integrateswith popular voice assistants, detects network status, enables device sharing,and provides remote control. With timer settings, countdown functionality, andeasy installation, this smart charger is a game-changer for charging solutions.

Features1:Third-Party Controlwith Amazon Echo and Google Home:

Experience theultimate convenience of controlling your universal charger with voice commandsthrough popular voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Simply speakyour desired charging preferences and let your smart charger execute the taskeffortlessly.

Features2:Network StatusDetection via App Support:

The dedicatedmobile app allows you to monitor the network status of your chargereffortlessly. Stay informed about the connectivity status, ensuring a stableand reliable charging experience for your devices.

Features3:Device SharingCapability:

Enjoy theconvenience of device sharing with the app's intuitive feature. Grant access tofamily members or trusted individuals, allowing them to control and utilize theuniversal charger within the smart home ecosystem.

Features4:Remote Control viaMobile App:

Take full controlof your charger remotely with the mobile app. Whether you're at home, work, oron the go, you can conveniently open or close the charging ports with a tap onyour smartphone.

Features5:Timer Settings forScheduled Charging:

Optimize yourcharging routine with the timer setting feature. Set specific time intervalsfor charging your devices, ensuring efficient power usage and preventingovercharging.

Features5:Countdown Feature forAutomatic Shutdown:

Make use of thecountdown feature to automatically turn off the charging ports after aspecified duration. This feature enhances safety and minimizes energyconsumption, providing peace of mind.

Features6:Safe, Fast, and EasyInstallation:

Installing thesmart remote universal charger is a breeze, taking less than a minute. With itsseamless integration to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, enjoy a fast and secure setupprocess without any complications.

Features7:Broad Effective Wi-FiRange:

Experience areliable and strong Wi-Fi connection with an effective distance of up to 20meters under normal conditions. This ensures uninterrupted remote control andaccessibility throughout your space.

Features8:Compatibility Mode andQuick Connect:

With compatibilitymode and quick connect options, this universal charger supports a wide range ofsmart home systems, offering flexibility and easy integration into yourexisting setup.

Conclusion:Embracethe capabilities of this intelligent remote universal charger and revolutionizeyour charging experience. With third-party control, network status detection,device sharing, remote control, timer settings, and countdown functionality,this charger empowers you with convenience, efficiency, and safety. Enjoy thebenefits of smart charging and effortlessly manage your devices with thiscutting-edge solution.

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