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Introduction:Golden Vision is a leading IoT solution provider in China. Relying on the"Tuya" technology platform, Golden Vision provides widely usedlow-power and low-cost IoT modules, IoT cloud platform, mobile APP interface,and provides intelligent hardware development outsourcing services. If necessary,please contact customer service on the right side of the page.

Smart home systemsgenerally include: environmental security, smart door locks, videosurveillance, visual intercom, centralized control and remote APP control. Itis worth noting that all of the above systems are not independent, butconnected with other systems and integrated into an organic whole, to achievethe real sense of intelligence.

The networkcommunication is already very mature, there is no network conflict between devices,and the app has a high fault-tolerant mechanism for network data, whicheffectively guarantees network communication. Efficient methods of connectionand control are employed so that on-site construction personnel can completethe installation and commissioning of the entire system in a short period oftime, and customized and modular product combinations are supported, installedaccording to function, to meet the actual needs of different users. It is easyand convenient to install. Whether it's a new home renovation or an old one, itcan be used. The configuration of the device is simple and easy to use, evenfor novices. The app interface is based on previous user experiencerecommendations. We continuously optimize the manipulation interface, whichgreatly improves the visibility and manipulation capabilities of the interface,as well as being more humane. Firmware update tools are no longer a hassle.

The system enablesusers to automatically upgrade the firmware program. The system is highly scalableand easy to maintain, scale and upgrade. We provide the hosts with the latestfirmware for chip-level software upgrades. The flashing process issignificantly shorter, so your console never goes out of date, and completelysolves your after-sales concerns. Compatible with multiple standards ofwireless transceiver features, wireless input alarm features, wirelesstransmission control features, and is fully intelligent without the need formanual pairing, giving you more options for home decorating. Support for dozensof working scenario modes. Each scenario supports multiple output combinationoperations. It can be customized such as: dining, cinema, rest, wake up, getup, go home, leave home, meet guests and other modes. Realize remote managementand switch scenario mode. Customers can choose the desired functional modulesfor their smart home based on their needs. Smart Home Control Hosts seamlesslyconnect a variety of functional modules including wireless infraredtransponders, temperature sensors, smart home control gateways, webcams, videosurveillance, various alarm devices, electric curtains, etc. and allow users toDIY their smart home life according to their needs and budget. Provide wirelessand infrared conversion capabilities to enable seamless access to networkcontrol of traditional home appliances. It has multiple password protection toensure that the system installation is not manipulated by others

Golden Vision-SmartHome Features 1: Smart Appliance Control.

An intelligentgateway, an intelligent node, and a remote terminal, the intelligent gateway,the intelligent node, and the remote terminal are connected through a network,and the intelligent gateway includes a main control chip, and a Flash chipelectrically connected to the main control chip, a Wiegand interface, RS485interface, network processing chip, Z-WAVE communication chip, WIFI wirelessnetwork card, 5VDC-IN relay, infrared detection sending device and mini-USBinterface. The smart node includes a master control chip, a network processorchip electrically connected to the master control chip, an infrared detectionand sending device, an LED display, temperature and humidity sensors, a switch,a mini-USB interface, and a power supply. It is easy to use and has a stablecontrol effect on smart home appliances;

Golden Vision-SmartHome Features 2: Smart Video Intercom

Intelligentmonitoring of certain corners of the house emphasizes the subjective initiativeof the person and focuses on the coordination between the person and the livingenvironment so that the user can control the indoor living environment as he orshe likes;

Golden Vision-SmartHome Features 3: Smart Security Monitoring

It has variousalarm modes such as linkage alarm information push, wireless emission, andinfrared emission, forming a flexible and personalized alarm system, such as:water pipe burst, water leakage alarm, kitchen and bathroom running water,alarm and close the main water valve, gas leakage alarm, and gas in the kitchenalarm will be given in case of leakage, and the exhaust fan will be turned onautomatically. When smoke or fire is detected in the kitchen and masterbedroom, the alarm will be sent, and the alarm information will beautomatically pushed to report immediately. Install infrared guardrails onwalls, balconies to detect illegal intruders. Install infrared curtains on thewindows of the master bedroom and living room. It can retain the originalmanual switches and remote control methods of all lights and electrical appliancesin the house. There is no need to modify all lights and electrical appliancesin the house, and the original manual switches and remote control methods canbe retained, to fully meet the operating needs of family members and visitorsof different ages, occupations, and habits in the family; there will be noembarrassment that the control cannot be realized due to temporary failures oflocal smart devices;

Golden Visionprovides overall customized development services for smart homes. Our smarthome solutions include smart appliances, smart access control, environmentalsecurity, smart door locks, video surveillance, video intercom, centralizedcontrol and remote APP control.

Golden Vision is aleading service provider of IoT solutions in China. It has an industry-leadinglevel of expertise in IoT solutions customization and intelligentdevelopment..Smart home solutions and smart home overall custom developmentservices can be based on our Internet of Things modules (including smart homewifi module, smart home IoT module, etc.), an open IoT cloud platform, and amobile APP, you can quickly complete product development. Contact CustomerService if you need a customized smart home technology solution!

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