Golden Vision showcases smart home products at 2023 Global Sources Mobile Electronics

Issuing time:2023-06-16 00:16

 ----27 April 2023                             

Golden Vision, a one-stop solution provider of smart products integrated service, exhibited its three latest series of hundreds of products, Smart Home, Smart Security, Smart Pets at 2023 Global Sources Mobile Electronics, from April 18th to 21st, 2023.

At the show, Golden Vision demonstrated Smart Pets and Smart Security products continuously well received by our global partners, such as, Pet Feeder, Pet Treat Dispenser, Smart Camera, Baby Monitor and so on, which were designed both practical and aesthetic, attracting many global customers to the booth to visit, to understand our technology, product and experience product performance.

One-stop solution

The one-stop IOT smart product solution not only showcases the latest products and technologies, but also demonstrates our brand philosophy and values to global consumers.

AIOT & Tuya platform

We have been partnering with Tuya to make IOT more secure for our customers. Focusing on AIOT platform and AI technology, we provide customized ODM services of software and hardware for world-renowned brand customers and brand operators at home and abroad, and overall solution for smart ecological products.

Customer first

Each of our product designs is centered on solving the needs of users. Every step of design, research and development, and production is strictly controlled.

Future prospect

“Global Sources Mobile Electronics is always a great opportunity for us to connect with customers, partners, and industry leaders.’’ Selena Hu said, CSO of Golden Vision. In the future, we look forward to continuing to technological development and providing safe and convenient smart home products and services for every user, who loves life and pursues quality of life.

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Golden Vision is one-stop OEM/ODM manufacturer on smart security, smart pet products from design, engineering to assemble over 12 years.

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