Golden Vision is committed to technological innovation in the intergration of WiFi6 and Ingenic T41

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Golden Vision latest technology trend

Golden Vision is committed to technological innovation in the intergration of WiFi6 and Ingenic T41.

As a popular technology in the current market, WiFi6 has huge potential. Compared with WiFi4 and WiFi5, what advantages does it have?

WiFi4, the 2.4G WiFi frequency band is currently the most common one, with low frequency, small propagation attenuation, good penetration, and long propagation distance, but it is easily interfered by the outside world.

The 5G WiFi band has high frequency, low interference, and strong penetration. Currently, 5G WiFi is utilized in computers, mobile phones, tablets, printers and other devices.

Easily, WiFi4 supports a small frequency and cannot achieve high-speed Internet access, while WiFi5 only supports high-speed Internet access in a specific frequency band. The WiFi6 used by Golden Vision is compatible with the advantages of WiFi4 and WiFi5. It is not only compatible with low-speed and high-speed devices, but also has more High transfer rate.

The WiFi6 used by Golden Vision this time has four major advantages to help optimize customer experience:

High bandwidth: 1024-QAM high-order modulation, maximum support for 160MHz bandwidth, nearly 3-time faster;

High concurrency: Intelligent frequency division, multiple devices are connected concurrently, and the capacity is increased by 4 times;

Low latency: multi-device concurrency, greatly reducing queuing and waiting, and reducing latency by 2/3;

Low power consumption: The terminal device wakes up on demand and reduces power consumption by 30%.

In addition to WiFi6, Golden Vision has introduced the Ingenic T41 chip to bring customers an unprecedented experience in the industry:

At the same time, the T41 chip supports the low-power Bluetooth BLE V4.2/5.0 protocol. Based on the T31, a new Bluetooth distribution mode is added to increase the success rate of network distribution and improve product competitiveness. The main equipment distribution methods of T41 chip are: QR code scanning distribution network, AP network distribution, Bluetooth distribution network and wired network distribution. Compared with traditional 2.4G equipment, the T41 chip has made a major breakthrough in WIFI connection distance. Compared with the T31 chip, its longest connection distance in open areas is 150M. The WIFI connection distance of T41 chip can reach 700M in open areas, greatly increasing success rate of device connection.

Established in 2011, Golden Vision is a Chinese one-stop smart product solution provider from designing, engineering to manufacturing WiFi cameras, smart home equipment, and smart pet equipment. Now Golden Vision has more than 800 employees with an area of 30,000 square meters. We have mould-making workshops and injection molding workshops with 15 high-sprrd SMT lines and 30 assembly lines. Our products are highly evaluated by the market for their higher quality and our better service.

Golden Vision will continue to keep customer-centric, continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, and provide convenience and security for customers' lives.

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Golden Vision latest technology trend
Golden Vision is committed to technological innovation in the intergration of WiFi6 and Ingenic T41.
As a popular technology in the current market, WiFi6 ...
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