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Issuing time:2023-09-16 09:36

Are you worried that your pet will split up at home, toys will not appeal to your pet at all, and that your pet will not digest too much food?

In order to completely solve the above problems, Golden Vision launches the smart pet food feeder BL1 to ensure the happy growth of pets.

Pets eat while exercising, to avoid indigestion and obesity

Turn on your mobile phone and play an interactive game to make feeding more interesting and let your pet move.

added PTZ function helps you take care of pets and amuse pets.

Ease the loneliness of pets when they are alone. Interactive entertainment helps pets keep in a better mood. Horizontal rotation makes dynamic details be more clear.

Eat fresh food every day and the last one is still crisp,

Sealed feeders effectively slow the oxidation of food.

2L capacity, designed for small pets

Simple operation, remote timing meals, if you stay thousands of miles away, you still can also easily tease your pet.

You can get closer to your beloved pet even though you are thousands of miles away through remote control and two-way audio.

It adopts a two-way communication design with built-in microphone and speaker. You can check the pet's status anytime and anywhere through mobile phones and other devices, talk to it, and stop your pet's naughty behavior in time.

High-definition camera monitoring keeps an extra eye on your pet’s eating habit. BL1 also supports remote photography, and records video with one click

The high-definition night vision lens allows you to observe your pet's movements anytime and anywhere. It has a large viewing angle and a clearer picture. It can record the cuteness and fun of pets in real time.

Feeding data statistics help your pet eat more regularly.

BL1 supports multiple people watching at the same time. Relatives and friends can watch the pet remotely, follow the real-time status of the pet together, and share every moment of the pet.


Chipset: T31 chip

Image Sensor:1/3.0-inch CMOS 3MP

Lens:3.2mm fixed

Relative Aperture: F2.0

Camera Interface Type:M12×0.5

Camera FOV: 126°

Night Vision Range:5-8M

Power : 5V

WiFi Range:50M

IR-CUT : Supported, 2×850nm infrared lights

Storage : Cloud

WiFi Type: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Speaker Sensitivity:-36dB ± 2dB

Established in 2011, Golden Vision is a Chinese one-stop smart product solution provider from designing, engineering to manufacturing WiFi cameras, smart home equipment, and smart pet equipment. Now Golden Vision has more than 800 employees with an area of 30,000 square meters. We have mould-making workshops and injection molding workshops with 15 high-sprrd SMT lines and 30 assembly lines. Our products are highly evaluated by the market for their higher quality and our better service.

Golden Vision will continue to keep customer-centric, continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, and provide convenience and security for customers' lives.

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Are you worried that your pet will split up at home, toys will not appeal to your pet at all, and that your pet will not digest too much food?

In order to completely solve the above problems, Go...
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Golden Vision is one-stop OEM/ODM manufacturer on smart security, smart pet products from design, engineering to assemble over 12 years.

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