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What is the correct posture for stroking cats and dogs?
The premise is to have a smart pet bed

Many pets don’t have a long lifespan. A dog that has been with you since childhood may be entering its old age when you just learned the quadratic equation.

Nowadays, people who love pets often regard their pet as a member of the family. Although it has four legs and looks a little different from you, many people still regard it as a brother, even a son.With such a close relationship, the treatment can't be too bad. It's a bit of a luxury to have a house, but you still have to have your own bed. There is a smart mattress option. Petrics claims to be the world's first smart pet bed and pet health ecosystem. Soon, it will launch crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Petrics smart beds can help pets live longer. Dogs and cats don't live very long, only a dozen years. A dog that has been with you since childhood, it may be entering its old age when you just learned the quadratic equation.Our primary goal is to help pets live longer,” says Petrics CEO Ed Hall. However, many people today are very busy, even if they are relatively free, it is impossible to take a dog or a cat with them at any time, so there are always places that cannot be taken care of. To that end, Petrics' "collar activity tracker" keeps track of your pet's weight, rest time, and activity level. Monitoring of these indicators is very important. Taking weight as an example, Petrics’ official website shared a set of interesting data: In the United States, 53% of pets are overweight and obese; obesity can reduce the life expectancy of pets by at least 2.5 years; when it’s over, among the pet owners surveyed, 90% of people think their pets are of normal weight. These few sentences are very suitable for asking primary school students how to use appropriate conjunctions to form a smooth sentence.Smart pet beds also have thermostat control, which can help you maintain an optimal comfort level for your pet. Plus, this thermoregulation ensures pets are safe in all climates and seasons, so they don't overheat or freeze. This way, you can ensure that your pet is in the optimal weight range and temperature range for the particular breed and age of course. If you put your pet on a specific diet, the wearable collar can also help track its calorie burn rate, rest levels, and other health indicators. Of course, all Petrics tools can be controlled through the Petrics app, and can also be used with smart home products such as Amazon Echo, Google home and even Nest. Animals can't talk, that's what makes them cute. However, it is because they cannot speak that they cannot turn to you directly for help when they are sick or incapacitated. Then, you need to monitor their behavior closely, noticing any anomalies, big or small, as this could indicate a bigger problem. Petrics can help you with this aspect."Our system helps pet parents care for their furry best friends by building a connected ecosystem that tracks, analyzes and recommends unique health solutions for each pet," said Ed Hall. programs and ultimately save its life through early detection and intervention." In case your pet gets sick, Petrics can also give you reminders when to take it to the vet, when to treat it with medication, when to use flea and tick prophylaxis... Give your pet the best care, and you will get a lot of happiness too. When it leaves, you will also reap the best memories, just like Karenin's smile, simple and beautiful.

Most importantly, it gives you actionable dietary advice to share with your family. In the database of Petrics, there are more than 15,000 pet foods and pet foods, which can provide you with scientific food and provide choices according to your pet type and personal preferences. Petrics considers key characteristics such as breed, weight, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions and age to help you determine the best option. Just a click of the Petrics Food Finder. You can choose to buy on the Petrics APP, and Petrics can deliver the pet food you ordered to your door. "It will kill a cat if it runs away, and the things saved in a month will be made up at once."

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Guide:Many pets don’t have a long lifespan. A dog that has been with you since childhood may be entering its old age when you just learned the quadratic equation. Nowadays, people who love pets oft...

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